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Nose Mount II
FAA STC approved for:
Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 (Astar / TwinStar)
Bell 206 / 206L (Jet Ranger / Long Ranger)

Optimum Camera Types
35 & 16mm cameras:
Arriflex 435, 235, 35-3, 416, 16SR-3 & 2, and Panavision
Large format cameras:
Panavision 65mm and Beaumonte Vistavision
Video cameras:All industrial hand-heald type.


Note: Stabilized lenses are not compatible.

Focal Range: Wide to medium Point-of-View: Front (for to aft) Max. Cam. wt.: 39 lbs. Movement: Tilt 200 deg. Install time: 60 min. Stabilization: Fixed

Additional Features

  • Five inch color LCD NTSC monitor (PAL also available).
  • Digitally controlled frame rates from 6-100 fps, including 29.97 fps.
  • Footage counter.
  • Iris control.
  • Night lights for illuminating the control panels.


Note: Camera controls operate Arriflex type film cameras only. Cameras other than Arriflex require their own remote control devices (with a 12 ft. cable) to operate On/Off, Speed, Footage, etc.



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