Stabilized helicopter camera mounts for all film and video formats

Side Mount (Door Mount)
Inertia dampened, three axis, brute force gyro-stabilized camera mounts with side POV

Side Mounts are used for tracking or pirouette shots. Featuring 100 degrees of pan, tilt and roll, side mounts are ideal for air-to-ground or air-to-air, scenic or high-action sequences.


Major Mount
FAA STC approved for:
• Eurocopter AS350 / AS355 (Astar / TwinStar)
• Bell 206 / 206L (Jet Ranger / Long Ranger)

Optimum Camera Types
35 & 16mm cameras:
Arriflex 435, 235, 35-3, 416, 16SR-3 & 2 and Panavision

Large format cameras: IMAX, Iwerks, Panavision, Vistavision, Showscan

Video cameras: All industrial hand-held type
Focal Range: Wide to tight Point-of-View: Side (left or right) Max. Cam. wt.: 120 lbs. Movement: Pan, Tilt & Roll 100 deg. (ea.) Install time: 45 min. Stabilization: Free-floating Additional Features:
Direct, through-the-eyepiece viewing for optimum focusing and framing
Quick in-flight magazine/video tape and filter changes
Controls for smooth, slow to high-speed zooming, focus and camera run
Note: Camera run function operates Arriflex-type film cameras as well as most video cameras.


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