The Original Slider’s 8-Foot Slider, the longest reach offered, allows for smooth, precise camera movement, quick adjustments, and easy access to hard-to-reach angles. The slider is structurally designed to prevent bending or twisting, and it can easily mount to vehicles or moving camera platforms. To create a second camera dolly, try setting it up on apple boxes, junior pins, or Mitchell mounts. ┬áIt can be inverted for difficult to reach, underslung angles, and with the Mitchell camera plate only 2.5 inches off the ground, you can rig it exceptionally low. The Original Slider’s 8-Foot Slider works surprisingly well for interior car shots. The Original Slider Co. suggests starting outside the driver door, sliding across the steering wheel, console and glove box, and finishing outside the passenger door.

Camera travel: 84″
Dry weight: 65 pounds
Dimensions: 96″ x 12″ x 2.5″


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