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MasterBuilt Soft-Flare Lenses


The MasterBuilt Soft-Flare Lenses series was designed as a companion to the Classic series. Originally conceived as an answer for cinematographers that requested flare structure with softer edges and smoother contrast, the Soft Flare series present artists with more choices when shooting the MasterBuilt lenses. The new Soft Flare series have become a favorite among cinematographers and are quite often used in tandem with the CLASSIC series lens set.


18MM Tl .4 MasterBuilt SOFT FLARE
25MM Tl .4 MasterBuilt SOFT FLARE
35MM Tl .4 MasterBuilt SOFT FLARE
50MM Tl .4 MasterBuilt SOFT FLARE
85MM Tl .4 MasterBuilt SOFT FLARE
105MM Tl .4 MasterBuilt SOFT FLARE



  • Covers sensors from Super35 to large format
  • Vintage look in a modern housing
  • Part of a six-lens set
  • Smooth, accurate focusing
  • Aspherical elements for aberration control
  • Sharp center with smooth focus falloff
  • Signature flare and softer contrast look


MasterBuilt Soft-Flare 18mm 114mm front 5.1 lbs

MasterBuilt Soft-Flare 25mm 114mm front 4.6 lbs

MasterBuilt Soft-Flare 35mm 114mm front 4.6 lbs

MasterBuilt Soft-Flare 50mm 114mm front 4.6 lbs

MasterBuilt Soft-Flare 85mm 114mm front 4.6 lbs

MasterBuilt Soft-Flare 105mm 114mm front 4.9 lbs


Shot with these lens:

Credit: Drake – What’s next

Credit: Kali – Katana