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A 12x PL mount cine lens, starting at 25mm and reaching to 300mm, will give you the versatility to cover a wide variety of shooting situations. The PL 25-300 with its generous focal range, makes it ideal for shooting documentaries, nature and wildlife, and car commercials, as well as the closer shots that can only be made with a wider angle lens.



Focal length25 – 300 mm
Zoom range12 ×
Diameter × Length136 × 401 mm
Weight19.6lbs / 8.9 kg

The PL 25-300 covers 31.5mm sensor size on a digital cinema style camera. While sensors on standard broadcast cameras are all the same size, sensors on digital cine cameras vary greatly. This new zoom ensures the image captured will cover large sensors for optimal, full-frame resolution. A nine-blade iris part of the design as well, creating the most natural-looking imagery possible.

The detachable digital servo will make a great accessory for this extra long Cabrio lens. Joining the Cabrio family, the PL 25-300 will offer all the features of the Cabrio line; Flange focal adjust, LDS and i/ Technology metadata compliant*, smooth focus action, and of course, spectacular 4K performance!