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Chimera’s Iconic F2 and F2X lightbanks offer extremely soft light on a massive scale. Designed for large overhead lighting, the F2 Modular lightbanks are constructed from welded aluminum sections, offering rigidty and high strength construction. Where longevity and durability are paramount, we recommend the F2 Modular lightbanks for studio installations.

The removable fabric body suspends on the frame with secure hook-and-loop fasteners. The sides and top of the F2 are clad with a silver interior and matte black exterior, while the bottom surface is a Full Diffusion (-1.4 stops). A suspendable inner baffle is also included to ensure even light dispersion.

Thanks to the F2 Modular’s increased rigidity, more fixture can be supported inside the frame when compared to the F2X system. We recommend bare-bulb or fixtures with fully exposed bulbs, that mount on the F2’s multiple 5/8″ Baby Mounting Points. Four exposed tube ends in the four corners of the frame accommodate a number of rigging options, either suspended from above with an available bracket and shackle, or four stands from below.