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Sometimes you need more directional control over your light without sacrificing the broad, window-like quality of light your Lightbank provides. That’s when our system of light control accessories comes in handy. Now, when you need barn doors or grids you don’t have to cut foam-core strips or dig up some other materials to re-direct the light.

Fabric Grids pack up so small there’s never a reason to debate bringing them and they do a great job of keeping that famous Chimera soft light where you want it – on the subject, not on the background. They come in a variety of beam-widths from 20 to 60 degrees so you can pick the effect that best suits your situation. The size of the individual cells are: 20 = 5/8″; 30 = 1 1/8″; 40 = 1″; 50 = 2″; 60 = 3″.


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