Compact, lightweight, and the perfect companion to the ARRI ALEXA, the ALEXA Mini offers up to 200 frames per second in a go-anywhere package! Car shots. Aerials. Steadicam. Record in any orientation, including upside down and portrait. Use with spherical glass, or our new Cooke Anamorphics.


ARRI ALEXA Mini Features:

  • Records ProRes or ARRI RAW in-camera on CFast cards
  • Up to 200 frames per second (ProRes)
  • 4:3 Sensor
  • Automatic anamorphic de-squeeze
  • High dynamic range
  • Low noise
  • Quality and reliable ARRI is known for

Pairs beautiful with our Cooke Anamorphic lenses, available in 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm macro, 75mm, 100mm, and 135mm.

Recording Formats
S16 HD: 1920 x 1080 (up-sampled from 1600 x 900)
HD: 1920 x 1080
2K Cine 16:9: 2048 x 1152
3.2K: 3200 x 1800
4K UHD: 3840 x 2160 (up-sampled from 3.2K)
4:3 2.8K: 2880 x 2160 (padded to 2944 x 2160)

Anamorphic ProRes formats with 2x in-camera de-squeeze:
HD Anamorphic: 1920 x 1080*
2.39:1 2K Anamorphic: 2048 x 858*

MXF/ARRIRAW (in-camera recording to MXF-wrapped ARRIRAW files):
2.8K 16:9: 2880 x 1620**
Open Gate: 3424 x 2202***

MXF/ARRIRAW Open Gate modes with active image area matching 4:3 ProRes modes:
4:3 2.8K (OG 3.4K): 2880 x 2160 (Recording in Open Gate 3.4K)***
2.39:1 Ana. (OG 3.4K): 2560 x 2145 (Recording in Open Gate 3.4K)***
16:9 HD Ana. (OG 3.4K): 1920 x 2160 (Recording in Open Gate 3.4K)***

*) requires ALEXA Mini 4:3 License Key, must be requested at time rental is placed
**) requires ALEXA Mini ARRIRAW License Key, must be requested at time rental is placed
***) requires both ALEXA Mini 4:3 and ARRIRAW Licenses Keys, must be requested at time rental is placed