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Meet The MPS Crew: John Beasley

Though he is a man of few words, John Beasley is certainly not a man of few jokes. Based out of our Dallas location, John is a Grip Truck Driver. Though we don’t quite know the answer to that question, we were able to find out some other info for ya in this week’s...

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Meet The MPS Crew: Richard Caldwell

Who knew that after leaving our Stage 6 Warehouse in MPS’s own Marc Stephens’ truck - more on that below - that Richard Caldwell would actually end up as the newest addition to our Austin G&E department? While it certainly makes for one of the most interesting...

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Meet The MPS Crew: Tyler Bishop

Have you ever met a camera rental assistant who could surf with the best of ‘em? Well, we have, and we liked him so much, we gave him a job. Next up in our “Meet The MPS Crew” series is Dallas-based camera rental assistant, Tyler Bishop. World, meet Tyler! How did you...

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Meet The MPS Crew : Ean Parsons

At MPS, we pride ourselves on hiring great people who not only make everyday productive but also enjoyable. To give you a chance to meet the crew, we are kicking off a new article series where we introduce you to a member of our team and share a little bit of...

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Production Company Highlight: FUELD

Jake Kovnat, one of Fueld Film's nine new directors, and DP David Wilson shot a few spots for the Weber Q Portable Gas Grill earlier this year. Fueld Films is an Austin-based film production company that’s been making creative content since 2001. With additional...

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Checking in with the 2014 & 2015 MPS Grant Winners

Our neighbors at the Austin Film Society award grants to emerging Texas filmmakers on an annual basis. The program began in 1996, and since then they’ve awarded over $1.6 million to over 421 films. Among the many grants they offer is our favorite-- the MPS Camera and...

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DP Matthias Grunsky, BVK on RESULTS

Article and photos from ARRI Group. Find the original article at http://www.arri.com/news/news/dp-matthias-grunsky-bvk-on-results/. Photo: Ryan Green Matthias Grunsky, BVK on RESULTS RESULTS is a comedy starring Kevin Corrigan as a recent divorcé inspired to get in...

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