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 Meet Dylan McElveen, Assistant Lighting Services Technician at MPS Lighting Service Center, located in our Dallas office. Dylan recently joined our team, and has been rockin' it under the direction of Lighting Services Tech. Angel Ovalles, From lighting and electric...

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MPS Supports Cowgirls with Cameras Film Camp

MPS Studios is honored to sponsor the first-ever Cowgirls with Cameras film camp. The camp, which takes place on Thursday, June 14, and Friday, June 15, is a film experience during which girls in high school, ages 14-18, gain exposure to filmmaking by shooting a...

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The Cooke 180mm Anamorphic Has Been Added To Our Inventory!

MPS Studios – a full-service rental house specializing in grip, lighting, and camera equipment, as well as sound stages, with offices located in Dallas, Austin, and Denver – has added the Cooke 180mm Anamorphic to its ever-growing inventory. The 180mm is one of 10...

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MPS Supports Texas Filmmakers at SXSW

This year’s SXSW – the annual festival round-up hosted in Austin, TX, celebrating an amalgamation made up of the interactive, music, and film industries – will feature several films that MPS Studios has had the honor of providing various support for. One of the ways...

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ARRI SKYPANEL S120-C – Looking for my next production!

Let us be the Bumble to your gear list. No more swiping right on gear you don't want or need! Each week tune into our blog as we share some of our stand out equipment that will rock your production! Learn more about the ARRI SKYPANEL S120-C here -->...

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How did you get your start in production, and how did that lead to MPS? My first internship in production was with the Austin Film Society, where I met current MPS team member Martin Parrington. He remembered me all these years later and helped bring me aboard at MPS!...

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How did you get your start with MPS and how long have you been with the company? Ten years ago, I started part-time in the marketing department at MPS while in college. After working in the advertising industry for the last seven years, I’m excited to be back at MPS,...

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