MPS Studios Dallas Provides Equipment To Bring “All That Cash” To Life

Feb 28, 2012

The commercial, which also aired during the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes, was noted for its large cast, movie-score-inspired soundtrack, multiple locations, oversized props and animatronics, as well as its sweeping style and compelling brand storytelling.

Combine MPS Studios Dallas support with a legendary show tune, a store clerk-turned-cabaret performer and a dozen Bob Fosse-esque dancers, and you’ve got the makings for one fun spot for the $200 Million Cash Spectacular, a new scratch-off game from the Texas Lottery.

The creative came from Dallas-based agency Tracy Locke, and was directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon with production design by Bruce Curtis. The commercial depicts the magical transformation of a convenience store into a “Chicago”-inspired theatrical set, complete with a production of a Lottery-inspired variation on “All That Jazz” (“All That Cash”), when a customer purchases a Spectacular game.

Production called on MPS Studios Dallas to provide camera and lighting/grip/electric equipment. The commercial was shot on ARRI ALEXA Plus, Cooke S4 primes and an  Optimo 24-290mm zoom.  A 10-ton truck with Kino Flos, a Fisher 10 dolly and a PowerPod helped light the stage of the historic Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas.

“This spot was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed working with MPS, with Alfonso, and Bruce,” said Mark Manthey, the project’s gaffer. “Their vision was to morph from a moment in time at a convenience store to a Broadway production, in real time, without manipulation in post. We had set walls flying out, up, and down, as well as a number of film lighting units rigged within the sets.

“The electric department had a one-day scout and one day pre-light, and as the needs of the job would change, MPS was able to deliver on everything,” he said. “Everyone was really happy with the final result.  It’s a great spot.”

“We had a lot of fun on this project, and especially enjoyed partnering with this great team to craft the classic Broadway look,” said MPS’s Vice President Brad Beasley. “Mark Manthey is a consummate pro, and this spot truly showcases his creativity and masterful craftsmanship.”

MPS Studios Dallas is a full-service production facility offering 65,000 square feet of sound stages, cameras, grip/lighting/electric, post services and support staff to clients world-wide. MPS recently launched MPS Camera Austin, offering cutting-edge camera rental equipment featuring ARRI ALEXA, RED Epic, Canon C300, Master Primes, Cooke S4 and Panchro lenses, and five DIT carts by Sandust SetLabs.