MPS Studios Brings New Line of ARRIMAX 18K Lighting Fixtures To Texas

Oct 14, 2015

Powerful HMI Lights Combine The Advantages Of A PAR And Fresnel To Work In Any Production Environment.

MPS Studios – a full-service camera, lighting, and studio rental company with locations in Austin and Dallas has added the latest ARRI M-series ARRIMAX 18K Fresnel HMI lights to its expanding inventory of lighting products to support its wide array of clients throughout the Southeast. The new line features ARRI’s MAX technology, which uses its own power supply and special lens reflectors in a circular pattern that require less power to operate while generating 50 percent more light (in spotlight mode) than a 12K PAR fixture.

The recent purchase of ARRI lights by MPS Studios, the first and only ARRIMAX 18K lights currently available in the state of Texas, means MPS Studios clients get the advantage of the latest, most energy-efficient high-power lighting technology. The company now offers ARRI’s complete M-series HMI fixtures, which include the models M90, M40, M18, and M8.

“We’ve increased our commitment to ARRI lights because our clients have been asking for more powerful, energy-efficient solutions that are reliable and get the job done,” said Brad Beasley, Vice President of MPS Studios. “The M-series lights are manufactured by ARRI, an industry leader in lighting and cameras, and these lights are well known for their consistent output, reliability and durability. In addition to the ARRIMAX 18K’s and M-series HMI’s, we recently purchased the ARRI L7-C LED lights, which feature tuneability, color fidelity, high build quality and ease of use.”

Beasley added that MPS Studio’s line of grip/electric, trucks and generators, which are used on a wide variety of commercials, movies, and television productions across the Southeast, provide the support needed to power these large lights (the trucks are packed with both grip and electric packages; offered in 1-ton to 10-ton packages. Towable and truck-mounted generators up to 1200AMP are also available through MPS) in any environment.

“MPS Studios works hard to be a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ production and post needs,” Beasley said. “We rent cameras, lenses, lighting/grip/electric, sound stages, and offer post services through deliverables – complete sound design, editorial, color correction, and foreign and domestic deliverables – for features.”

Bringing together the advantages of a PAR and a Fresnel, the original Academy Award-winning ARRIMAX remains the ultimate choice for productions requiring maximum light output. The 580 mm (22.83”) diameter, parabolic facetted reflector provides continuous focus adjustment from 15° to 50° beam angle (standard reflector) and 8° to 15° beam angle (spot reflector). And since the ARRIMAX does not require a set of spread lenses, shadows are sharp and easily cut. It also includes ARRI eXtreme cooling for easy workability.

ARRI’s 18,000W Single-Ended lamps use a sturdier GX51 base for which the company has designed a special lampholder. This new lampholder alleviates mechanical stress from the lamp pins, which now serve only as an electrical connection. The lamp clamping mechanism is self-aligning and uses a rugged, recessed lamp lock handle. To ensure that crews can easily use 12,000W lamps or versions of 18K Single Ended lamps with G38 bases, the new lampholder accepts either lamp type with no modification or adjustment required.

About MPS Studios

For nearly 40 years, MPS Studios has provided the equipment and support services to production companies making movies, commercials, and television. A staff of highly specialized, factory trained, and industry-savvy technicians provide world-class service to clients around the corner and around the globe. The company offers cameras, lighting/grip/electric, sound stages, and complete post services through deliverables. Contact MPS Camera & Lighting Austin or MPS Studios Dallas location to have a rental package or post service customized for your next project.