Jan 9, 2013

Quirky, touching 80s-era buddy film set to premiere at Sundance.

In the spring of 2012, MPS Studios had the chance to partner with an especially fascinating production team to create an intimate atmosphere, deliberate pace and retro 80s feel for PRINCE AVALANCHE, a comedy (and 2013 Sundance selection) directed by native Texan David Gordon Green.

Produced quietly in and around Austin, the film depicts Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch in a re-working of Icelandic filmmakerHafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson‘s EITHER WAY (“Á annan veg”), a comedy about the evolving friendship and misadventures of two highway maintenance men who spend a summer working in rural isolation.

MPS Studios and MPS Camera Austin provided both camera and lighting/grip/electric departments. Cinemaphotographer Tim Orr,  who collaborated with Green on PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, THE SITTER, and YOUR HIGHNESS, opted to shoot with an ARRI ALEXA Plus with Super Baltar lenses.

“This movie begged for a unique look that couldn’t be achieved with sharp glass,” explained Marc Stephens, MPS’s vice president for operations. “That’s why the Super Baltars, which created a warm, ‘vintage’ look appropriate for the film’s theme and late 80s setting, really hit the spot for Tim.

“As with any indie, the ability to move quickly is key,” Stephens went on. “Nolan Aldridge, the project’s gaffer, kept his lighting list simplistic, and key grip Ezra Venetos knew his team had to be nimble. So the truck package we put together for them—Tungsten-based with a couple of small HMIs, a Fisher dolly and generator—was very tight and smart.”

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