MPS Project Profile: Pepsi Superbowl Spot

Mar 21, 2014

MPS Camera Austin provided extensive support for this charming retro Pepsi spot…

Take a global brand, add the best commercial production talent in the biz, and combine with an  imaginative flight of retro fancy – and you’ve got the charming result that was “There Since the First Halftime”, Pepsi’s 2014 Super Bowl spot that was heavily supported by MPS Camera Austin and shot in the Texas Hill Country.

The commercial depicts an early  20th century football game that’s interrupted by the arrival of a bevy of pretty girls armed with frosty bottles of Pepsi, which they use to tempt the players into taking a mid-game break – and thus the tradition of halftime is born.

Director Kinka Usher, – represented by Hungry Man, executed the story through an intriguing mix of vintage and contemporary cue:  detail-rich period costumes , crisply modern colors, and a Bruno Mars soundtrack, which ably reinforced the halftime theme. (Marrs served as one of the 2014 game’s halftime headline acts.)

Production manager Adam Kaiser said he selected MPS to provide the camera and lighting/grip/electric departments, as well as a Sandust Set Lab DIT Cart, because “I knew that in doing so I’d have one less worry to deal with.”

“I have a long history of working with MPS, both in Dallas and in Austin, and I know that when they are on a job there is nothing that slips through the cracks,” he explained.

“We needed a 12-foot green screen on very short notice, and MPS made that happen even though we were 45 minutes away from their office,” he went on. “Working with MPS usually saves me nine or ten phone calls to multiple providers. They make it easy to secure gear, and they really know the production process. It’s wonderful to be able to trust that I can always rely on their services.”

Meredith Stephens, Vice President of Business Development at MPS Studios said,“We were delighted to get the call to support this project, not just because it’s a thrill to work with brands like Pepsi and Hungry Man, but because we always jump at the chance to work with pros like Adam and Kinka – as well as gaffer Tommy Alcala and cinematographer John Toll.

“They’re some of the best in the business, and the fact that they were shooting near Austin made the project even more exciting for us,” continued  Stephens. “The final product that came together was fun, memorable, and highly effective.”
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