MPS Camera & Lighting Austin Support David Gordon Green’s Latest Flick

Sep 10, 2013

Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan in “Joe”.

MPS Studios client David Gordon Green is one busy artist these days. His festival darling PRINCE AVALANCHE is in theaters, and MANGLEHORN, which stars Al Pacino, is set to begin production this fall.

Yet the PINEAPPLE EXPRESS director found time to re-visit his dramatic roots with JOE, a dark character study/thriller that will screen at the upcoming Venice and Toronto film festivals.

Based on the novel of the same name by Larry Brown, JOE stars Nicolas Cage as an ex-con trying to lift himself beyond a life of bad luck and bad choices who takes neglected teen Gary (Tye Sheridan) under his wing.

The movie was shot in the Austin-area, with grip/lighting/electric support provided by MPS Studios.

“David creates mysterious, complex stories- the kind that excite the world and shine a spotlight on Texas filmmaking,” says MPS VP of Operations Marc Stephens. “We have provided equipment on a number of David’s projects for the big and small screen, and love an opportunity to collaborate with his team.”

Key Grip Ezra Venetos said working with MPS Studios was, “the most amazing experience of my life. I’ll never forget the amazing support and collaborative spirit. No matter the budget size, MPS brings 110% – and it all shows on screen.”

The official synopsis for the project describes the tale as a “gripping mix of friendship, violence and redemption (that) erupts in the contemporary backwoods South…Nicolas Cage comes back to his indie roots in the title role as the hard-living, hot-tempered ex-con Joe Ransom, who is just trying to dodge his own instinct for trouble until he meets a hard-luck kid (Tye Sheridan, TREE OF LIFE) who awakens in him a fierce and tender-hearted protector.”

Said Green in recent interviews with and IndieWire: “Nicholas Cage has never acted like you will see him acting in this movie. He’s made a lot of movies and acted in a lot of different things, and there’s never been a JOE.

“It’s very much a companion piece to PRINCE AVALANCHE. It’s like its dark, nasty older brother. ‘Avalanche’ is about the aftermath of a genocide of trees, and ‘Joe’ is about tree poisoners. It’s all very much the balance of man and nature, and the conflicts he has with himself.”

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