Meet The MPS Crew: Teresa Orona

Feb 12, 2016

Meet Teresa Orona, Receptionist at MPS Dallas! When she’s not directing your call, placing orders, or making sure the office runs smoothly, she’s hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese (with her kiddos). Get to know this super mom.

1. How did you get your start with MPS and how long have you been with the company?
I submitted my resume on and I got a call from Gill. I had never heard of MPS or ever been introduced to the film industry. When I came in for an interview and took a tour of the studios, I knew I had found the place for me. It’s so cozy…. This will be my 6th year at MPS, with many more to come.

2. When you’re not at MPS, where can we find you? i.e. How do you recharge?
When I’m not at MPS, you can usually find me at home with my two boys. On weekends, we’re usually going to the movies, Chuck E. Cheese, and just out having fun.

3. What’s your favorite piece of equipment to work with?
My orange highlighter. Makes a dull white piece of paper come alive! Great for doodling too.

4. If we were to hop onto your music playlist, what would we see you were listening to most recently?
I listen to all kinds of music. Lately I’ve been listening to Coldplay and Fellowship Creative. When I’m with my kids it’s mostly Disney music…

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
If I could have any superpower it would be the power to be in two places at one time. I can be at work and also with my kiddos…

Need to place an order? Teresa can help you out. Give us a call at 214-630-1655 or email us at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from ya!

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