Award-winning DOUBLE PLAY celebrates industry legends

Sep 18, 2013

The documentary feature recalls the intriguing collaboration of Richard Linklater and avant garde filmmaker James Benning.

DOUBLE PLAY, the debut documentary feature from director Gabe Klinger and seasoned producer Berndt Mader, has just won the prize for best documentary on cinema at the Venice Film Festival. It is set for a US release in 2014 through FilmBuff, who will also handle worldwide sales.

The feature profiles American film greats James Benning (AMERICAN DREAM, ONE WAY BOOGIE WOOGIE) and Richard Linklater (SLACKER, DAZED AND CONFUSED, BERNIE), who first met in 1988 when Linklater’s non-profit Austin Film Societyrecruited Benning as its first out-of-town guest speaker. The pair have remained close since.

DOUBLE PLAY combines archival footage with newly recorded footage when the two reunite for a weekend in Austin, exploring their decades-long friendship and the impact of each filmmaker’s career choices.

MPS Camera & Lighting Austin provided camera support for the Austin-area shoot days.

“After having worked many times with MPS in the past, we knew that for this project, Double Play, there was only one rental house to turn to,” said Mader. “MPS simply made it happen.”

MPS first met Mader in 2011 when his movie FIVE TIME CHAMPION received the MPS Studios Texas Filmmaker Award at the Dallas International Film Festival.

“We were immediately struck by Berndt’s creativity and ambition then, and have proudly partnered with him on a number of projects since,” said Meredith Stephens, Vice President of Business Development at MPS. “When Berndt came to us with the concept for DOUBLE PLAY and the opportunity to celebrate one of our favorite Texas legends, we signed on instantly.”

Klinger told the Chicago Tribune that the idea of the movie came from, “something about these two filmmakers being different and alike. That they are both former college baseball players also intrigued me. And also that I like them very much both as people and filmmakers. And that their films embody so much of America, its follies and its splendor.”The collaboration between Gabe Klinger and Mader began when the two met at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

From the production company’s official project backgrounder: “…(they) realized they had a lot in common. Beyond having attended the same high school in Barcelona in 1995, they also shared an admiration for Austin film legend Richard Linklater and avante garde filmmaker James Benning.”

Read Klinger’s full account of the experience in his FILMMAKER Magazine article “Shooting Richard Linklater and James Benning.

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