Arri LT Available in 3-Perf

Oct 20, 2010

MPS Studios Dallas proudly brings the first ALEXA PLUS to Texas. Offering all the features of an ALEXA, the PLUS adds built-in wireless remote control, the ARRI Lens Data System (LDS), additional MON OUT video and RS power outputs, and more.

Most wide screen 35mm projection formats, including 1.85 and Super 35/2.35, do not use the full 4 perforation height of the 35mm frame. In fact, the only two formats that use the entire 4 perforation height for picture information are anamorphic photography and material originated specifically for 4:3 full-frame TV transfer.

In the past 3 perf was mostly relegated to material destined for television because of the difficulty of creating a 4 perf release print from a 3 perf negative. Even though some productions have gone the route of an optical blow-up from 3 perf to 4 perf, they found that the extra cost of such an optical usually obliterated the savings in film stock and development. But these givens are changing.

It is now possible to scan the complete 3 perf negative into a digital intermediate format, perform all post-production steps in the digital realm, and then use the ARRILASER to record the images back onto 4 perf Internegative (IN) or Interpositive (IP) to create standard 4 perf release prints.

The “3 Perf Conversion Kit” contains a 3 perf movement, a 3 perf film gate, twp 3 perf format masks, and a 3 perf filter holder.